Amazon LIVE

When Amazon introduced its Influencer program, I got approved right away and set up my storefront. However, I dropped the ball due to my cancer caregiver responsibilities. Then Amazon introduced “Amazon Live” in February 2019. Since I bought something on amazon regularly I wanted to download the Amazon Live Creator App and get started right away, but the app was and still is only available to iOS users.

“The Amazon Live Creator app is available to: Influencers who are enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program. Make sure to sign in to the Amazon Live Creator app with the log-in credentials of your Amazon Influencer Program account. Learn more about the Amazon Influencer Program.”

Finally, when in April 2021, Apple introduced the purple iPhone 12, I was inspired to get one so I could finally participate in the Amazon Live Creator movement. I purchased an iPhone 12 and an iPad on April 27. The gear finally arrived last week, but I have been hesitant to open the boxes and get started.

Yesterday, May 11, 2021, Facebook suggested that I join the Amazon LIVE Creators group. After a quick browse-through, I did join, and subsequently feel I’m finally ready to focus on Amazon LIVE. One of the most important take-aways in joining that group is finding the Amazon LIVE Tech Support number, (888) 280-4331. I called it today and promptly got the confirmation that all I needed to do was download the app and sign in with it to go live.  There are three levels of achievement in the program.

Here is where to get started with Amazon LIVE – Creating a Livestream
That link will take you to the particular article on the FAQs section of Amazon LIVE. Just backup to FAQs to learn more.