Preparing for Prime Day

Preparing for Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Day is just 15 days away and I’m determined to participate in the Amazon LIVE shopping experience this year. I am devoting much of my time to preparing product lists and targeting brands whose products my family uses the most today. My influencer shop needs a lot of “love” before Prime Day. Since my husband, an avid golfer for decades, is a huge fan of Callaway products, I am particularly interested in featuring their products in my shop. I figure I can shoot a lot of B-Roll featuring him using their stuff and then have him join me on the live broadcast to discuss how he uses it. I will need to figure out a catchy name for my golf product list before I set it for public viewing. I’m also thinking I need to create a list of brand stores to visit while I’m logged into Amazon to help me in populating my lists to be featured in my Amazon shop.