Amazon LIVE Update

Here we are on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, and I have yet to stream LIVE on Amazon for the first time. I continue to learn about the program and prepare my plan for the first 90 days. So far, I am getting a lot of awesome feedback from participating in the Amazon LIVE Creators Group, and have connected with several new friends as a result. As of this time, there are 528 members in the group, 13 of whom are friends:

  1. Christian Karasiewicz
  2. Bridgetti Lim Banda
  3. David Utechpia Nguyen
  4. Ileane Smith
  5. Eddie Garrison
  6. David Simon
  7. Shavan Fulton
  8. Jim Fuhs
  9. Mitch Jackson
  10. J.S. Gilbert
  11. Jeff Sieh
  12. Raven Blair Glover
  13. Ian Anderson Gray

The next step is to make sure I am following all their Amazon LIVE channels, of course.  So far, I’ve managed to watch Christian, Jim, Bridgetti, Ileane, Jeff, and David at least once.