Preparing for Prime Day

Preparing for Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Day is just 15 days away and I’m determined to participate in the Amazon LIVE shopping experience this year. I am devoting much of my time to preparing product lists and targeting brands whose products my family uses the most today. My influencer shop needs a lot of “love” before Prime Day. Since my husband, an avid golfer for decades, is a huge fan of Callaway products, I am particularly interested in featuring their products in my shop. I figure I can shoot a lot of B-Roll featuring him using their stuff and then have him join me on the live broadcast to discuss how he uses it. I will need to figure out a catchy name for my golf product list before I set it for public viewing. I’m also thinking I need to create a list of brand stores to visit while I’m logged into Amazon to help me in populating my lists to be featured in my Amazon shop. 

Amazon LIVE Update

Here we are on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, and I have yet to stream LIVE on Amazon for the first time. I continue to learn about the program and prepare my plan for the first 90 days. So far, I am getting a lot of awesome feedback from participating in the Amazon LIVE Creators Group, and have connected with several new friends as a result. As of this time, there are 528 members in the group, 13 of whom are friends:

  1. Christian Karasiewicz
  2. Bridgetti Lim Banda
  3. David Utechpia Nguyen
  4. Ileane Smith
  5. Eddie Garrison
  6. David Simon
  7. Shavan Fulton
  8. Jim Fuhs
  9. Mitch Jackson
  10. J.S. Gilbert
  11. Jeff Sieh
  12. Raven Blair Glover
  13. Ian Anderson Gray

The next step is to make sure I am following all their Amazon LIVE channels, of course.  So far, I’ve managed to watch Christian, Jim, Bridgetti, Ileane, Jeff, and David at least once.

Amazon LIVE Update

Confident that I am getting near to launching my Amazon.LIVE channel, I joined a group set up for Amazon LIVE Creators yesterday. There are 505 members in that public group this morning, 10 of whom are friends of mine, all folks I originally connected with on

  • Bridgetti Lim Banda
  • Ileane Smith
  • Eddie Garrison
  • Christian Karasiewicz
  • Mitch Jackson
  • David Simon
  • Jim Fuhs
  • Jeff Sieh
  • Raven Blair Glover
  • Ian Anderson Gray

Over the weeks ahead, I’ve got to be sure I have subscribed to everyone’s Amazon LIVE channel and make sure they are aware of mine.

Top YouTube Creator Channels I Watch Regularly

Howdy! Most likely I will be turning this blog post into a page soon. When I created the post in 2018, I thought sure I was going to be able to get started with my LIVE creative project but my role as a cancer caregiver became even more challenging and I had to turn away from my creative projects until Spring 2021. These are still top channels I watch, and as you might suspect I’ve added some more worthy of mention so stay tuned for my update soon.
Think Media

  • Sean Cannell’s Channel
  • 562,689 subscribers as of 6/25/2018
  • 1.62M subscribers as of 4/20/2021

Derral Eves

  • VidCon Creator and Producer
  • 505,141 subscribers as of 6/25/2018
  • 605K subscribers as of 4/20/2021

Roberto Blake

  • 318,735 subscribers as of 6/25/2018
  • 523K subscribers as of 4/20/2021

Video Influencers

Nick Nimmin

  • 219,248 subscribers as of 6/25/2018
  • 773K subscribers as of 4/20/2021

DottoTech Steve Dotto

  • 191,872 subscribers as of 7/01/2018
  • 328K subscribers as of 4/20/2021


Welcome to Barbi.LIVE

Howdy from Barb Tomlin, AKA BarbTUSA, Barbi.Live executive producer and CEO of Westward Connections Inc., publisher of this website. I added this domain my company’s domain inventory in 2016 with the mission of spinning it off for pursuit of my personal passion in digital storytelling. For now I am using this domain as a pointer to live shows streamed via the Internet into destinations such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, and Twitter. I appreciate your curiosity and thank you for stopping by today. If you are reading this message from the .live domain it means that my live stream is offline at this time.  I invite you to LIKE my Barbi.Live page on Facebook as that is where my scheduled LIVE events appear. Please follow my live streaming activity by signing up for my Barbi.Live email alerts from my personal blog at